Schools Learning Programme

Primary Schools

Discover the intriguing history of Hogarth’s House and how its inhabitants interacted and influenced the people of Hounslow and beyond.

Pupils are encouraged to investigate the history of the house, its occupants and the times they lived in, through interactive sessions that can be tailored to support the national curriculum and will target skills in subjects including history, art, and citizenship.

We welcome group visits – as space is limited in the 18th century rooms, these must be booked in advance. We are happy to offer group visits outside the usual opening hours for which a modest fee will be charged.


We are planning a programme of talks and workshops which will use our new study space on the top floor of the house.



Researchers who wish to see Hounslow’s collections of material relating to Hogarth and the House should contact local studies at Chiswick Library, Dukes Avenue, London W4 2AB, 020 8994 1008 or localstudies-hct@carillionservices.co.uk.
This department is open Mondays and Fridays and it is helpful it you book an appointment so that staff can get material ready in advance of your visit.

Outreach Officer contact

If you are interested in discussing educational opportunities or group visits at Hogarth’s House, please contact our Outreach Officer, John Collins at john.collins@carillionservices.co.uk


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