Paul Robeson Theatre

The Paul Robeson Theatre, situated in Hounslow's Treaty Shopping Centre and adjacent to the Hounslow Library, is a lively 250 capacity performing arts venue which hosts shows and activities throughout the year. Our programme includes dance shows, plays, live music, children’s shows, community classes, meetings and much more.
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Paul Robeson Theatre - seats arranged Cabaret styleThe Theatre (250 capacity) and Green Room (30 capacity) are available for community and private hire year round and is perfect for workshops, performances, away-days, corporate events, meetings.

The Paul Robeson Theatre, situated in Hounslow's Treaty Centre and adjacent to the library, is a purpose built venue at the heart of the community that provides high quality performance space for both professional and amateur artists. Past performances have included the jazz talent of George Melly, the vocal sounds of The Bachelors, and the comedians Barry Cryer and Jackie Clune.

Paul Robeson, born in 1898, became internationally acclaimed as a concert artist, dramatic actor on stage and in films, and an eloquent advocate of full civil rights and equality for people of all races and creeds.

Paul Robeson Theatre - with raked seating out.

In 1925, he gave the first-ever concert hall recital of spirituals and work songs and continued to perform them throughout his career all over the world singing in 20 languages and incorporating into his repertoire similar songs from, for example, China, Russia and France. His dramatic and stage performances included plays of Eugene O'Neill, who wrote 'The Emperor Jones' especially for him, 'Porgy & Bess', 'Showboat', and Shakespeare's 'Othello'.

During his awe inspiring career, Paul Robeson starred in 'Sanders of the River', which was filmed at Isleworth Film Studios, a stones throw away from where the theatre stands. This local connection, combined with his theatrical talents and desire for equality for all, made him an appropriate figure for the theatre to be named after.

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