Fees and Charges from 2nd May 2017

Overdue Charges


Adults: Books, Music CD and Spoken Word

20p per item per day
(Concessions: 13p per item per day, Max charge per item £5.60 for all categories)

Children: Books, CD and Spoken Word

7p per item per day


£1 per item per day/(Concessions: 40p per item per day)



Music CDs


Child Music CDs

£1.00 per CD -  2 week loan period (Concession: 50p)


50p per CD - 2 week loan period

Spoken Word

CD: £1.20  - 3 week loan period

Playaways: £1.20 - 3 week loan period

Cassettes: £1.20  - 3 week loan period

Free audio visual loans for registered blind users.



DVDs - Adult  

£2.30 per DVD - 1 week loan period

DVDs - Children

£1.50 per DVD - 1 week loan period


Books, music CDs and spoken word which are in stock Free

Items which are not in stock and Inter Library Loans

£4.10 per item; Child: 1 free per visit, 80p per item thereafter

Items obtained from the British Library/specialist libraries

£12.20 per item

Drama Sets £3.60
Vocal Sets £15.30



Black & White

A4 – 17p per sheet;  A3 – 30p per sheet


A4  - 1.10p per sheet; A3 – 2.20p per sheet


Black & White

A4 – 17p per sheet


A4 – 30p per sheet


UK - per page


Europe – per page


International – per page


Incoming – per fax


Replacement Charges

Lost or damaged items

Full cost of replacement item

Replacement membership card

£3.60 (Adult); £1.80 (Child); £1.80 (concessions)

Concessions are available to customers aged between 12 and 17 and over 60.
Concessions are also available to unemployed customers, customers in receipt of income or pension support, students in full-time education, and customers with a disability.

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