An A-Z of Isleworth 3

R for Redlees House

Redlees House. home of the Farnell family. was demolished in the 1930sformer stable block is now used as an arts and crafts centre


Redlees House, home of the Farnell family, was demolished in the 1930s.



The surviving former stable block is now used as an arts and crafts centre.

S for Shrewsbury House

Shrewsbury House in 1795

Shrewsbury House in 1795, by which time it was a Catholic boys’ school. It had belonged to George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, a Roman Catholic with his own chaplain and chapel. The house was pulled down in the early 19th century.

S for South Street / Upper Square

The Glossop Memorial fountain was erected in 1870

The Glossop Memorial fountain was erected in 1870 to commemorate the Reverend Henry Glossop, Vicar of Isleworth from 1822 – 1855.

T for Turner and the Thames

Syon Ferry House, painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner

© Tate, London, 2012
Syon Ferry House, painted by Joseph Mallord William Turner, who lived there in 1805-6.

U for Underground
(the icehouse in Silverhall Park)

The icehouse of Silver Hall

The icehouse was used to keep ice frozen for the occupants of Silver Hall in the 19th century.

Silver Hall. 1813

Silverhall Park is all that remains of a large house and grounds. The original seventeenth-century Silver Hall (right) was demolished in 1801, and part of the estate was sold off.

A new house was built in 1813, also called Silver Hall. Henry Glossop, Vicar of All Saints Church from 1822-55, lived there. Later the hall housed a Carmelite Convent, until 1914, and was a girls’ school until 1937. It was demolished in the 1950s.


V for Vincent van Gogh

Holme Court House, in Twickenham Road, housed a private school where Holme Court House in Twickenham Road “came in July 1876 to teach languages and scripture.  He returned to Holland for Christmas and never returned”.

Van Gogh plaque in Isleworth






W for Winterborne Foundry

Bill of works from Winterborne FoundryWilliam Winterborne







William Winterborne set up his business aged 30, and was still wielding sledgehammers at 90.


W for Wisdom, building contractor

Letterhead from an 1871 Wisdom invoiceLetterhead from an 1871 invoice.


1906 receipt for work at Isleworth Cemetery

A 1906 receipt for work at Isleworth Cemetery.


Images from the Hounslow Library Local Collection

X for X-rays (West Middlesex Hospital)

West Middlesex Hospital in 1920

X-rays were discovered in 1895, while the Guardians of Brentford Union Workhouse were building the infirmary that became West Middlesex Hospital in 1920.

Y for yellow and brown glaze of Isleworth Pottery

Burlington Magazine, 1926Fragments of pottery found on the Thames foreshoreFragments of pottery found on the Thames foreshore.




Founded by Joseph Shore c.1750 at Railshead Creek, at the mouth of the River Crane. Isleworth Pottery is of red earthenware, often decorated with brown zig-zag slip and yellow glaze.
In 1825 the pottery moved to Hanworth Road, Hounslow. It ceased around 1850.


Burlington Magazine, 1926

Z for Zion House, usually spelt Syon

Zion House


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