Claude Duval -  the romantic highwayman

 Claude Duval was one of the most romantic figures in the history of highwaymen. His gallantry endeared him to his female victims even while he was robbing them! According to legend,  he once stopped a coach on Hounslow Heath that was carrying a nobleman and his wife. The lady, not wanting to show how scared she was, began to play a tune on her flageolet. Duval admired her playing and said he was sure she danced equally well. The lady then agreed to dance with him. There are two versions of the story's ending; one  is that Duval took only £100 from the lady’s husband instead of the £400 he was carrying. The other ending is that Duval then demanded £400 as payment for the dance. In spiteo f his romantic image, Claude Duval eventually suffered  the fate of most highwaymen and was executed at Tyburn in 1670.

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