Community Information

Links, contacts and websites for help, advice, information and support. We also include helpful information on social, cultural, sports & leisure activities for older, younger and disabled people.

Link to Advice Agencies pageAdvice Agencies

Links, contacts and websites for help, advice, information and support.  MORE >

Activities for Young People

Links, contacts and websites for young people's activities which are fun and give opportunities for learning new skills and making new friends.  MORE >

Adults and Older people activities pageAdults and Older people activities

Links, contacts and websites for social, cultural, sports & leisure activities.  MORE >

Activities for young people with disabilities

Links, contacts and websites for sports & leisure activites for young people with disabilities.  MORE >

Hounslow Directory of Support for ResidentsHounslow Directory of Support for Residents

Hounslow Council has put together information to support residents who will be facing significant changes to their individual and household income over the coming years due to welfare reform  This mini-directory provides a snapshot of the support available to residents. Most of the services listed are for emergency or urgent situations.

Link to Health Resources pageHealth Resources

Links, contacts and websites for a wide variety of health, wellbeing and community resources.  MORE >

Link to Hounslow's Online Directory of voluntary organisationsOnline Directory of voluntary organisations

An online directory of voluntary organisations working in London Borough of Hounslow. This directory lists a wide range of activities and services to contribute to as well as to use.  MORE >

Stagetext, a charity that provides captioning for the deaf/hearing impaired in theatres.Stagetext

STAGETEXT is a registered charity which provides captioning and live speech-to-text services in theatres, museums, galleries and other arts and cultural venues.

Visiting Speakers website and logoVisiting Speakers

The only website offering a simple way of finding a local speaker or performer for your group or organisation.  MORE >



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