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If you are looking for further health information, services or support, Bookmark Your Library can help you with a range of issues, such as finding a local dentist, checking your symptoms, and learning more about a condition. These sites are reliable and informative and give you plenty that you can do to help you manage your health.  MORE >


Londoners aged 16 to 24 can download trusted health and wellbeing advice and information from the NHS direct to their mobile phones and tablets via a health mobile application called NHS Go. The free and confidential health mobile application and website has been developed to help young people take greater personal control over their health from an early age; make healthier choices and get advice and information on health issues from a trusted source when they don’t know where to go. MORE >

Get Active HounslowGet Active Hounslow

Looking for a local aerobics class or just wanting to find out background information to sports such as Australian rules football and volleyball then check out the Get Active Hounslow. MORE >

West Mid NHS - Online Health Information LibraryOnline Health Information Library

The Online Health Information Library is a One-Stop Information Portal which brings together accredited websites to provide good quality health information from a single point of access to promote health and well being, understand diseases, conditions and treatment choices.  MORE >

The Reading Well Mood-boosting books schemeMood Boosting Books

The Reading Well Mood-boosting books scheme is a national promotion of uplifting titles, including novels, poetry and non-fiction. The books are recommended by readers and reading groups around the country. The list of 20 titles contains bestsellers and some you may not have heard of but may want to try. Click here to see the complete list of titles.

Link to Living Life to the Full booklets sectionLiving Life to the Full booklets    ...helping you to help yourself 

The course has been written by a Psychiatrist who has many years of experience using a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) approach and also in helping people use these skills in everyday life. During the development phase of the course, each booklet was used by a wide range of health care practitioners and members of the public.  MORE >

Link to DIY Happiness book sectionDIY Happiness Library

A selection of books to help you along the road to happiness. Topics covered include Relaxing, Detoxing, Well-being, Psychology of Happiness, De-Stressing & and generlly learning to be happier.  All available from Hounslow Libraries.  MORE >

Link to The Wellbeing CollectionThe Wellbeing Collection

Hounslow Libraries in partnership with the NHS, have available to all library members the Wellbeing Collection - a range of good quality books and other resources which can help people understand and cope with common life challenges, situations and mental health problems.  MORE >

Link to the Community Information sectionCommunity Information

Links, contacts and websites for help, advice, information and support.  We also include helpful information on social, cultural, sports & leisure activities for older, younger and disabled people.  MORE >


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