Living Life to the Full

Be Happier, Sleep Better, Do More and Feel More Confident
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10 Things You Can Do to Fell Happier Straight Away by Dr.Chris Williams10 Things You Can Do to Feel Happier Straight Away by Dr.Chris Williams

Have you noticed that it's sometimes hard to make positive changes in life? Hard to keep going? Hard to do things even when we know they are good for us.

This important booklet puts you  on the path to improved well-being. Want to feel fitter, happier and more at ease with yourself and those around you?

Follow the ten small steps in this booklet and you'll be well on your way.

Why Do I Feel So Bad by Dr.Chris WilliamsWhy Do I Feel So Bad by Dr.Chris Williams

One of the greatest challenges to feeling better is to work out why we feel as we do. Step by step this booklet clearly helps you understand the impact of distress on five key areas of our life.

Understanding gives us hope that we can change. This booklet can help provide that hope by showing you what you can do about to improve things.

Why does everything always go wrong? by Dr.Chris WilliamsWhy does everything always go wrong? by Dr.Chris Williams

This little booklet powerfully shows us how upsetting thoughts can powerfully affect how we feel and what we do.

  • Feeling pushed around by your worries?
  • Do you dislike yourself?
  • Thinking that nothing ever goes right?
  • Worried that no-one likes you?

If so, then this booklet is for you. It will help you:

  • stop, think and reflect on your thoughts
  • deal with bad thoughts
  • become more compassionate to yourself.

The things you do that mess you up by Dr.Chris WilliamsThe things you do that mess you up by Dr.Chris Williams

  • Eating or drinking too much?
  • Pushing others away?
  • Feeling clingy and always looking to others for answers?

... then this booklet is for you. Find out why you respond in these sorts of ways when you feel down or upset. Discovering the causes is the first step to changing things. Take that first step now.

Write all over your bathroom mirror - and 14 other ways to get the most out of the little books by Dr.Chris WilliamsWrite all over your bathroom mirror - and 14 other ways to get the most out of the little books by Dr.Chris Williams

An intriguing title for a key book. Have you ever wanted to make changes in your life but quickly run  out of steam? The Living life to the Full series aims to provide a range of books covering key problems people face in life. This essential book shows you how to use the booklet series, plan change, and work with others including practitioners to move forwards. Filled with practical hints and tips to help you get going and make changes this book provides a key overview of how to get started in working with the five areas approach. Although focused on using the Living Life to the Full booklets, the principles contained in this little book can be used to help you use other self-help resources such as the Living Life to the Full website, DVD or other five areas books.

How to Fix Almost Everything by Dr.Chris WilliamsHow to Fix Almost Everything by Dr.Chris Williams

Most of the time we feel upset because of things building up around us. Ever felt overwhelmed by things? Can't cope? Then this little booklet is for you.  Learn how to tackle problems one step at a time

  •  Want to make new friends?
  •   Want to cut down your drinking?
  •   Want to get a job?
  •   Want to lose weight?
  •   Want to stop cutting yourself?
  •   Want to stop over-spending
  •   Need to revise for exams?
  •   It's just like eating an elephant!

I cant be bothered doing anything by Dr.Chris WilliamsI cant be bothered doing anything by Dr.Chris Williams

  • Too tired to do things?
  • So fed up you can't be bothered?
  • Staying in bed all day?

Both low mood and high stress levels can cause us to stop doing lots of things we usually would do. The problem is this quickly becomes part of the problem. Feeling you've lost pleasure in things? Not spending time with people you are close to? No sense of achievement? Confidence dropping and dropping? All of these are common results of this sort of vicious circle. Learn more about this circle and the key steps needed to get out of it.

I feel so bad I can't go on by Dr.Chris WilliamsI feel so bad I can't go on by Dr.Chris Williams

Do you feel you are struggling to keep your head above water? Are you thinking that you can no longer continue living like this? Are you desperately concerned about the safety of someone close to you?  There are no easy answers when you or a loved one feels suicidal. This booklet realises this, but also offers the possibility of hope:

  • hope that change is possible
  • hope that others can help
  • hope for the future

Most importantly it aims to help you use time effectively - to change - and to move forwards.

I'm not good enough: How to overcome low confidence by Dr.Chris WilliamsI'm not good enough: How to overcome low confidence by Dr.Chris Williams

Ever feel inferior, not attractive, not liking yourself, or that you don't fit in? Low confidence and reduced self-esteem are common problems - and yet by using the small steady steps within this book you can learn key tools for change.
Learn how to overcome low confidence:

  • Who says you're not good enough?
  • Getting positive ideas going
  • What to say to yourself whenever you feel small
  • Acting lessons
  • Good enough is good enough

Are you strong enough to keep your temper? by Dr.Chris WilliamsAre you strong enough to keep your temper? by Dr.Chris Williams

Anger affects us all. Do you, a partner, child or friend struggle with their temper. Being angry and "letting it all out" can sometimes feel like it helps - but it never really helps for long. Being angry can sometimes feel like we are being strong and in control. In fact the reverse is true. Losing control backfires all round - for the person, and for those around them.
Learn proven and effective steps to gain control over anger:

  • It's weak to stay and argue
  • Knowing your buttons - what gets you going?
  • Know yur early warning system
  • Know where the escape hatches are
  • What's in it for me?


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