Tuesday 29th November 2016 - we are currently experiencing issues with our telephone line, please phone our parks enquiries line for allotment information: 0845 456 2796


CCS manages 30 active Allotment sites  on behalf of the London Borough of Hounslow.

The volume of applicants remains high especially in the East of the Borough, however some waiting lists in the East have been reopened for applicants.

Some sites in the Isleworth and Brentford areas have open waiting lists, all sites in the Central Hounslow area are open for applicants and many have only small waiting lists, new plots will come on stream in this area in the Autumn of this year

Many  sites in the West of the Borough also have small waiting lists and are available for applicants, plots are currently available at Church Road in Hanworth with more plots coming on stream in the autumn of this year.

Download the Poultry Keeping Agreement (.pdf) and the Bee Keeping Agreement (.pdf)
Help us contain this pest (Oak Processionary Moth.PDF)
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All you need to know about renting your own allotment plot in Hounslow
An allotment plot is a piece of land which can be rented for growing fruit and vegetables for you and your family.

Why have an allotment?

There are many benefits to having your own allotment. Here are just 10

  1. A fork in the earthYou can grow fresh organic fruit, vegetables and flowers of your choice, and harvest, fresh, straight from the plant
  2. You can reduce your shopping bills by growing your own food
  3. They are environmentally friendly
  4. Allotments are often very good for wildlife
  5. Allotments are a very good way of raising awareness about the environment and are a great place for children to learn about ‘green’ issues
  6. Provide an opportunity to make new friends of all ages, from all walks of life
  7. Gardening is very way to exercise and enjoy the fresh air
  8. Allotments provide open space for people and wildlife within the urban environment
  9. They help to maintain the urban environment as an attractive and vibrant place to live and work
  10. Allotments are fun

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