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All Saints Churchyard - Church Street, Isleworth

Set by the Thames the Churchyard has a wonderful aspect.  One of the points of interest is the commemorative stone of victims of the plague. There are many large tombs of past patrons of the church and the Isleworth district generally throughout the centuries.

Bedfont Cemetery - Bedfont Road, Bedfont

This small cemetery (3.3acres) is situated in Bedfont Road.  The cemetery is well planted with trees and is a very attractive site.  It has the added desirability of being adjacent Bedfont Lakes Country Park where many local people visit and by that token ‘choose’ as a last resting place of loved one because of its setting.
There are graves spaces available.

Borough Cemetery - Powder Mill Lane, Whitton

This cemetery is in the borough of Richmond but is wholly owned by Hounslow. It is Hounslow’s largest cemetery with 32 acres, 22 of which are held in reserve. Most of the graves are, at present, determined ‘Lawn Section style’ but it is hoped to modify the regulation to afford greater choice of commemoration. There are two acres of ground set aside for those of the Muslim Faith.
There are grave spaces available.

Chiswick New Cemetery - Staveley Road, Chiswick

The cemetery received its first burial in 1933.  Only half of the 15 acre site is in use at present.   There is a large ‘art-deco’ style Chapel that can seat over 80.  The landscaping of the cemetery grounds are park style in their setting.
Only Lawn Section graves are available.

Chiswick Old Cemetery - Corney Road, W4

Chiswick Old Cemetery was opened 1888. Amongst its 23,700 interments are many notables including John McNeill Whistler, Frederick Hitch VC, Trumpeter Joy ‘bugler ‘charge of the Light Brigade, the Victorian painter William Blake Richmond and William Hogarth celebrated Painter, Engraver and Caricaturist.  

The cemetery contains scattered War Graves and a Cross of Sacrifice is erected facing Corney Road entrance. It is backed by a screen wall bearing the names of those whose graves are not marked by headstones.
There are no new grave spaces available however interments in family graves still take place.

Feltham Cemetery - Sunbury Road, Feltham

Feltham cemetery covers an area of approximately 7 acres and witnessed its first burial in 1886.  The notable Market Gardener AW Smith, a local business man who employed almost 50% of the Feltham population during 1890 to 1927 is buried in the cemetery.

Feltham Cemetery is also the final resting place of Angelo Colarossi, the son of the famous Italian model also named Angelo Colarossi, who posed for the  well-known statue ‘Eros’ (or Cupid) which stands in the centre of Piccadilly Circus.
There are no new spaces available.

Hatton Cemetery - Faggs Road, Feltham

Hatton Cemetery is the newest of Hounslow’s cemeteries, opening in 1974.  It has 22 acres of ground but only 10 set out for cemetery purposes at present. Hatton cemetery has been designed to accommodate the burial of Hounslow’s growing Muslim population. The Muslim sections are laid out with the graves orientated towards Mecca – a necessary religious requirement. There are also sections for other denominations.

Hounslow Cemetery - Hanworth Road, Hounslow

Hounslow Cemetery dates back to 1869 and is the oldest cemetery in the borough.   There is a small chapel set amongst mature trees and shrubs in the oldest section of the grounds. The cemetery is the final resting-place ‘Dunroamin’ for many operators of Fair Ground attractions and rides and boasts some fine memorial work.
There are still new grave spaces available.

Isleworth Cemetery - Park Road, Isleworth

Isleworth cemetery was opened 1880 when the burial ground of All Saints (near the river) became full. The cemetery is over 9 acres in size and has a large twin Chapel placed in a charming setting of mature trees and shrubs.
Notable amongst its memorials is the large fairly ornate structure to the Pears family, one of whom lost his life on the Titanic.
There are no new grave spaces available.

New Brentford Cemetery - Sutton Lane, Hounslow

Opened 1902 for the then Township of New Brentford.  It has a small but delightful Chapel set amongst an avenue of Cedars and Pines.
There are no new grave spaces available.

St Leonards Churchyard - Heston Road, Heston

This is one of the largest churchyards in the country.  Interestingly the grave blocks were given names as opposed to numbers or letters.  Long Walk, Short Walk, The Embankment, May Tree Walk, Soldiers Row are just some the named plots.  A number of local business people and other inhabitants of Hounslow are buried here.

St Mary’s Churchyard - Hatton Road, Bedfont

St Mary’s is a small ancient church set at the edge of picturesque Bedfont Green.  It has a pleasing appearance; particularly the topiary work ‘Yews shorn peacock like in form’ supposedly representing spinsters of long ago who each in turn spurned a suitor.

St Nicholas Churchyard - Church Street, Chiswick

Surrounding the church is the small churchyard where a number of notable figures, both local and international are buried. Most well known being the painter and social commentator William Hogarth and the Italian artist Foscolo, although his tomb is now empty. The church has recently undergone external renovation and coupled with this Cemeteries staff have carried out some maintenance improvement works to the burial ground with the co-operation of the churchwarden and the Vicar.

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