The Service

The cemetery service provides for burial of many faiths, religions and beliefs thereby reflecting the multicultural blend of Hounslow.
Within the borough’s cemeteries there is provision for various types of graves from the traditional earthen burial to Brick interments to burial via a Shroud. There are areas of graves ‘set aside’ for those of the Muslim faith and where special provision is in place for ‘out of normal hours burials’.

Arranging a Funeral

The loss of a loved one, coupled with arranging a funeral is an extremely traumatic experience and one where families are unsure of the processes involved. The cemeteries service are able to guide families through the legal requirements and provide all necessary Forms and Documents and provide further contact points. However it must be recognised that the role of the Funeral Director is key in bringing together the various stages of a funeral and ensuring the process is carried out with all due dignity and care.

Memorial choice

Memorial types range from full length memorial with headstone (traditional) or if preferred a simple style of a Headstone (Lawn Sections)

Cremated Remains

Although there are no specific areas for cremation caskets families can purchase a grave space for the burial of cremated remains. This also affords placing of a headstone. Burial of cremated remains can also be made into existing family graves.

Grave Maintenance

We offer a grave maintenance scheme. There are 5 categories of grave maintenance

  1. General Maintenance
  2. General Maintenance and Spring Planting
  3. General Maintenance and Summer Bedding
  4. General Maintenance with Spring & Summer Planting
  5. Where graves are on a ‘lawn section’ 50% of the above charge will be assessed

The work is carried out by staff that have in depth horticultural experience.

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