Redlees Park

The children's playground will be open from 12pm tomorrow Saturday 11/07/2015.

Results of an in-depth analysis into the surfacing problems at Redlees play area  were received at the end of October. These indicated that there is no underlying subsidence problem but the uneven surfaces and worn equipment  need to be rectified. Funding has been made available for a completely new play area as a temporary fix was deemed a false economy and consultation with residents will begin shortly. Details will be made available as soon as process begins.

Opening Times

Access 8.00am - dusk

Check accessibility details on the DisabledGo website.Accessibility

Check accessibility details on the DisabledGo website.

About the Park

Redlees Park ornamental railingsThe park represents the outdoor element of a larger recreational campus that comprises of a public library, an indoor sports centre and swimming pool, an art gallery and artists’ studios and an Under 5’s play centre.

  • Redesigned entrances into the park with improved hard and soft landscaping
  • New youth facilities
  • Restoration/renovation of the toilets
  • New litter bins
  • Improved signage
  • Additional seating around the park at key locations
  • Refurbished changing rooms
  • Trim trail
  • Outdoor sculptures

How to Find Us

Worton Road, Isleworth, TW7 6DW

Tel: 0845 456 2796

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