Friends Groups

Friends Groups play a vital role in the continuing improvement of Hounslow's parks and open spaces. With over 20 groups across the borough, we are working hard to ensure the hopes and aspirations of all these groups are met.

What is a "Friends of Group"?

Friends logoA Friends of Group (or Community Group) is a group of local people that have a vested interest in their local open space or park, and have a collective desire to work with Hounslow Council to further improve their space. By increasing usage, through improving facilities & events, local open spaces and parks become safer, cleaner and greener. The space becomes an asset to the local community and the wider borough.

Friends play a vital role in the sustainability of Parks and Open Spaces. They can help combat Anti-Social behaviour, leading to an improved local Green Space for the community to enjoy. There are many exciting projects in the pipeline and many parks are already seeing the benefit of having an active "Friends of" group. Recent projects include: Dukes Meadows Water Play Feature, Inwood Park Water Play Feature, Strand on the Green Rec Improvements to space, Beaversfield Park Youth shelter and Gazebo, Grosvenor Park football event, Hanworth Park Summer Festival and Boston Manor Park Walled Garden.

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Current Friends Groups




Beaversfield Park

Friends of Beaversfield Park

Bedfont Lakes

Friends of Bedfont Lakes


Bedfont Lakes Conservation Volunteers

Boston Manor Park

Friends of Boston Manor

Bridge House Pond

Friends of Bridge House Pond

Chiswick Back Common

Friends of Chiswick Back Common

Chiswick House Grounds

Chiswick House Friends

Crane River Valley

Friends Of The River Crane

Cranford Park

Friends of Cranford Park

Dukes Meadows

Dukes Meadows Trust

Gainsborough Gardens

Friends of Gainsborough Gardens

Grosvenor Park

Friends of Grosvenor Park

Gunnersbury Park

Friends of Gunnersbury Park and Museum

Hanworth Park

Friends of Hanworth Park

Hounslow Heath

Friends of Hounslow Heath

Inwood Park

Friends of Inwood Park

Jersey Gardens

Friends Of Jersey Gardens

St. Johns Gardens

Friends of St. Johns Gardens

Strand on the Green Rec

Friends of Strand on the Green

Turnham Green

Friends of Turnham Green




Interested in forming a Friends Of group?

Friends handshake logoYour local park development team are available to assist individuals or groups who wish to form a “Friends Of” group for a park or open space in Hounslow.

A “Friends Of” group is a collection of people in the community who have a shared interest in their local open space or park and have a collective desire to work with Hounslow Council to further improve their space.
As little or as much of your time can be given if you decide to become a friend of the park; from fundraising, promoting activities or getting involved in community clear-ups, to simply supporting park events – any involvement is of value and will contribute to positive changes within your park.

If you are interested in forming or becoming part of such a group, please contact:
Tel: 0845 456 2800

If you haven't found what you are looking for please visit the following websites: