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Active Spaces

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Community engagement for the new active spaces playground designs took place during the summer. The aim was to find out what would make children and families more active in their local park (St Dunstan's, Hawthorn Hatch, Carville Hall North, Redlees Park). Designers conducted 12 on site design engagements with the local community to share designs and sketch ideas with residents. Residents and stakeholders attended onsite consultations and site walk rounds of the existing play areas. Residents were also encouraged to engage via social media and questionnaires. The project engaged local children through interactive workshops and a design competition. Work to improve the play areas is expected to begin in January. The public consultations have now taken place and we are delighted to be able to share with you the proposed design plans for each site:

Carville Hall North /images/uploads/CARVILLE_Hall_North_Design.pdf

St Dunstan's Park /images/uploads/ST_DUNSTANS_Design.pdf

Redlees Park /images/uploads/REDLEES_Design.pdf

Hawthorn Hatch /images/uploads/HAWTHORN_Hatch_Design.pdf



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