Park event with lights in the night sky and Completing an application and required Supporting Information

For an application to be considered complete it must include a suitable level of supporting information. Where relevant we expect all event organisers to submit required documentation as outlined in section 2 of the application or create their own Event Management Plan when arranging any type of event but will help to have a clear, written plan to assist the management of your event.

The level and extent of the information needed may vary depending on the size of the event

We understand events can be extremely diverse, ranging from a school fete or charity run to a large outdoor festival. For events where certain items from the list provided in Section 2 of the application are not considered as relevant, there is still expected to be written consideration of each item of the required documentation checklist included within the application form, even where this is simply highlighting that there is no requirement to provide plans for this area.

Once the application has been submitted

The application will be assessed to check it has enough information to consider it complete. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and you will be required to provide more information in order to proceed.

Providing the application is complete, the location requested and nature of event is suitable and the site is available on the date(s) requested, the date will be reserved whilst your application is processed. We cannot guarantee that a location will be kept available for you until the events team have confirmed that your application has been accepted.

Applications may have to go through a consultation process whereby they are sent for approval and discussion by local councilors, residents associations and other affected parties.

If permissions have been granted by the affected parties written confirmation will be sent. (Please note the Events Team aim to respond no later than two weeks to your application)

This response will include:

  • Confirmation of the timelines to be expected from that point onwards
  • A quote showing the hire fee and duty manager fees for the pre and post event inspection(s)
  • We may also ask the organiser to provide a refundable deposit to the council to uphold the condition of the park or open space. This would be in addition to the park hire fee

Safety Advisory Group

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) acts as an interface between your event and Hounslow Council. Where it is considered appropriate by any member of the SAG, the event organiser will be required to present the event management plans to the group. The group will then take a close look at how your event has been planned to ensure the safety and smooth running of your event. This is also an opportunity for Event Organisers to ask questions of various Hounslow Council representatives including Traffic Management, Contingency Planning, Health and Safety and Licensing. See also:

Reporting incidents

Following any incident at the event, please complete an Incident Report Form for each occurrence and provide a copy to the Events Team within 30 days of the event taking place.

Contact us

For all enquiries please email the Events Team at or call 0845 456 2796

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